Why turtles, anyway?

MC900438474-1.JPGThere is an Indian story–at least I heard it as an Indian story –about an Englishman who, having been told that the world rested on a platform which rested on the back of an elephant which rested in turn on the back of a turtle, asked (perhaps he was an ethnographer; it is the way they behave), what did the turtle rest on? Another turtle. And that turtle? “Ah, Sahib, after that it is turtles all the way down.”– Clifford Geertz

I’ve always loved the story about the world being held up by a stack of turtles. As an explanation for why things are the way they are, it works as well as any. This blog is about the stuff that holds us up, the things that keep us steady and allow us to remain upright. It’s about trying to find a path which feels right and peaceful and non-destructive through this jungle of a life. Religion doesn’t work for me- I’m far too sceptical to accept the teachings of any old book- and the church of Capitalism just disgusts me. So all I can do is write my way along my own road, finding little meanings as I go and hoping the turtles stay in line.


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